Robert L. Beverage, Deputy Sheriff, Greene County, Virginia sent by his sister, Debbie

My brother Robert L. Beverage is a deputy in the Greene County Sheriff’s Dept in Greene County Virginia (Stanardsville Va.)

He puts his life on the line for all those who are in need. He has done things I didn’t think could be possible. This man is my hero in more ways than one. He is my hero because of the excellent job that he does day to day. He is also the greatest husband and father and grandfather.

This man has the highest respect from all that those who know and love him. If there is anything that someone needs, this man goes beyond duty to help. I know of one time that my sister couldn’t get out to get her medicine due to a bad snow storm, and he went to the pharmacy to get her meds and took them to her. There is nothing this man wouldn’t do for anyone. I have never heard from anyone that doesn’t like him.

He works with many departments on his force. He has brought down drug dealers, fugitives from justice, laid his life on the line for other men on the force. This man needs many awards not just because he is my brother, but my HERO. I love him with every breath I breathe and that’s why I write this tribute to him. To me he is the greatest hero on earth.

Love, Debbie, your sister

One Comment to “Robert L. Beverage, Deputy Sheriff, Greene County, Virginia sent by his sister, Debbie

  1. Debbie you know it’s been several years since I’ve talked to Bob an Sherry. I have been trying to get in touch with him but haven”t had no success. By the way this is Charlie Lambert if you talk to him please tell him to call me 304-364-
    8145 any time. And by the way he’s a lot of peoples hero.

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